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Funny Sunday: The Earps


If you like Man Crush, get this album

If you like Man Crush, get this album

The Earps is a band that knows how to rock with its own unique brand of cowpunk. It’s also a band that knows how to write a funny song. I mentioned one of them in my post about 5 guilty pleasure songs. That one is called “Drag Queen” and talks about a sexual misadventure while the band is on the road. Another song on that same album (Here Come The Earps) is called “Hoggin’.” That is about a contest the band members have in which the one who scores with the biggest girl wins some prize. Juvenile? Yes, but still funny.

Then there is “Man Crush” off the album Get a Room. Let’s face it. Not a lot of guys could write a song about having a man crush on just one guy. This song lists three guys past and present on whom the narrator has a man crush. It is both a bold and humorous confession. Enjoy “Man Crush” then check out the rest of the band’s stuff, including an album of covers of Buck Owens songs. These guys make some good tunes. You can find all of their albums on CD Universe.

Funny Sunday: Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers

I have written about this band once before (specifically “My Lovely Moustache), but this band is hard to top for a Funny Sunday. I mean, just listen to the first song on this album. It is an ode to the color beige. Now, I live in a place where everything (yes, even the great outdoors) is beige. Looking around Orange County and seeing all the beige, I never would have guessed that someone could write a song about this drab color. I especially never could have imagined that anyone could write a song this catchy about a color so dull.

Beige isn’t the only sort of unexpected subject. The Greatest Show on Toast also contains songs about a sandwich that’s gone off and “warming up your custard.” And perhaps the best thing about this band in addition to making you laugh and making you dance is the fact that it includes a tuba. I for one think it’s hard to go wrong with a tuba. And frankly, it’s hard to go wrong with this band, particularly if you want a few good laughs.

Funny Sunday: Sadface :( by Psychostick

Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs includes Sadface and lots of other rockin' funny tunes.

Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs includes Sadface and lots of other rockin’ funny tunes.

We’ve all joined the social networks because it’s what you have to do, right? Maybe you joined it for business networking purposes. Maybe you joined because it’s an easy way to share pictures with your family. Whatever the case may be, most of us have probably wondered at some point why on earth we ever joined any social network. You know, when you log onto Facebook and your feed is filled with the inanities of all the people in your friends list. It’s enough to get you to run away screaming…or at least take a couple hours away from whatever network is driving you nuts.

Well, Psychostick has written about a song with an honest response to all the rubbish (like when you’re on Twitter and one of the trending topics is Scooby Doo) that muddles your news feed and makes you want to tell everyone to get stuffed.

I should note that while I chose this particular song for Funny Sunday, I could just as easily have chosen any song by Psychostick. These guys rock and they’re funny. If you haven’t checked them out before, you should…unless you’re easily offended by curse words.


Funny Sunday: Bluetooth/Blackeye by Attractive Eighties Women

Plenty of songs for your Funny Sunday and only $5

Plenty of songs for your Funny Sunday and only $5

I thought about writing about the song “DUI” by Attractive Eighties Women for this edition of Funny Sunday. Now, while it is a funny song, I guess ultimately it didn’t sit right with me to write about a song called “DUI” for Funny Sunday. In any case, this band has plenty of songs that are material for this.

Like “Bluetooth/Blackeye” for instance. We’ve all seen that guy who’s walking around with a Bluetooth and carrying on phone conversations at the bank or grocery store. Nevermind that when you first encounter this guy, you might think he’s talking to you. The fact that he’s broadcasting his phone conversations makes him “the king of douchebags.” Now, I must say that I don’t condone taking the actions this band recommends for Bluetooth guy. Still, I can understand why someone might feel this way, particularly when you hear the part about 2:30 in.

Funny Sunday: Johnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso

Available now on Bandcamp

Available now on Bandcamp

It probably comes as no surprise that a band with a name like this one gets featured on Funny Sunday. Granted, not every song this band does is funny but there is plenty of humor to be found on both Rise of the Pink Flamingos and The Curse of the Unsinkable Ship.  Specifically, I’m going to look at a couple songs from the Unsinkable Ship album because it is the band’s most recent.

There is one song on the new album that I can never listen to just once: “Ode to the Men’s Room Stall.” Yes, it really is toilet humor, but that’s the genius of it. Everyone has been is a stall that has been covered in  graffiti. And as this band ably points out, the graffiti is pretty much the same wherever you go. You’ll see who’s a slut, bad poetry, and drawings of dongs, among other things. Just ask yourself this: have you ever been inspired to write a song about bathroom graffiti? Johnny Cakes: 1, you: 0. And this song (a honky-tonkin’ departure from the band’s usual sound) is super-catchy. Unless you’re totally averse to toilet humor, you might just find yourself singing this song throughout the day.

The other song I want to highlight for this post is “Responsible Adult.” Much like the Ramones song (penned by Tom Waits), this song is about not wanting to grow up. Frankly, this is an anthem for everyone who has ever felt trapped in what most people view as a “normal” life.

Sure this band’s humor leans toward the juvenile, but Johnny Cakes will make you laugh for sure. And that’s never a bad thing.


Funny Sunday: Arse Full of Chips

Funny? Offensive? Yes.

Funny? Offensive? Yes.

I know, loyal reader, you’ve come here expecting Surf Music Sunday. Yes, we still love surf music, but we’re trying something different. If you’d like me to go back to Surf Music Sunday, by all means let me know. In the meantime, I’m going to try Funny Sunday. Basically, I’m going to look for music in any genre that could also be filed under comedy.

Our first featured artist is Arse Full of Chips. Obviously you can tell this band doesn’t take itself too seriously just by seeing or hearing the name. What really captured me with this band is the song “Top of the Plops.” The story of this song is that silly pop music television contests have ruined music. And frankly, it’s hard to argue with that. Along the way, it calls out Justin Bieber, One Direction, and lots of other folks responsible for the sorry state of pop music. This song is full of great lines so I won’t write all of them, but I will give you this one.

“What happened to the music?

You’ve got a guitar, so why don’t you use it?”

This band doesn’t just skewer pop music. It also rails against movies. In “Schindler vs Predator” the band laments the complete lack of originality in movies and basically wonders how it could get worse. Bieber or The Rock in the next Star Wars? Daniel Craig in the new Naked Gun? Miley Cyrus in Mary Poppins 3? Hey, you have to give this band credit. In this song, these guys manage to show us that no matter how bad movies are, it could be worse.

I feel it only fair to warn you, loyal reader, that if you are easily offended, you should definitely skip “Trapped in the Cellar.”


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