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Funny Sunday: Arse Full of Chips

Funny? Offensive? Yes.

Funny? Offensive? Yes.

I know, loyal reader, you’ve come here expecting Surf Music Sunday. Yes, we still love surf music, but we’re trying something different. If you’d like me to go back to Surf Music Sunday, by all means let me know. In the meantime, I’m going to try Funny Sunday. Basically, I’m going to look for music in any genre that could also be filed under comedy.

Our first featured artist is Arse Full of Chips. Obviously you can tell this band doesn’t take itself too seriously just by seeing or hearing the name. What really captured me with this band is the song “Top of the Plops.” The story of this song is that silly pop music television contests have ruined music. And frankly, it’s hard to argue with that. Along the way, it calls out Justin Bieber, One Direction, and lots of other folks responsible for the sorry state of pop music. This song is full of great lines so I won’t write all of them, but I will give you this one.

“What happened to the music?

You’ve got a guitar, so why don’t you use it?”

This band doesn’t just skewer pop music. It also rails against movies. In “Schindler vs Predator” the band laments the complete lack of originality in movies and basically wonders how it could get worse. Bieber or The Rock in the next Star Wars? Daniel Craig in the new Naked Gun? Miley Cyrus in Mary Poppins 3? Hey, you have to give this band credit. In this song, these guys manage to show us that no matter how bad movies are, it could be worse.

I feel it only fair to warn you, loyal reader, that if you are easily offended, you should definitely skip “Trapped in the Cellar.”


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Ska Saturday: Fighting Evil Is Cool!

Fighting evil is cool...and so is this band

Fighting evil is cool…and so is this band

No, that headline is not just a statement of belief. Fighting Evil Is Cool! is the name of a punk-ska band from Nottingham, England. (Although if you’re looking for a pop punk-ska band, you should probably keep looking. With the aggressive guitar and shouting, this band is closer to hardcore than pop punk.) Now, if you’ll recall a couple weeks ago, we featured a band called The Brass Action whose cover art depicted the band members as zombies. Well, it seems we have stumbled onto a theme with ska bands. The first song I heard by this band is called “Brain Salad.” Naturally, it is about zombies and I don’t know if singing about the undead has ever been more catchy.

This band goes from a song about zombies to a song (“Roll for Initiative”) that includes the line (repeated many times) “He’s Satanic.” If you can make people dance while you sing about zombies and someone who is Satanic, you are really onto something.

There really isn’t anything this band doesn’t do well. The brightness of the trombone is a great compliment to the aggressive guitars. The bass lines are not only prominent, but also a bit funky. The vocals at times bring some 90s hardcore bands to mind. And did I mention that this band can get you dancing when it sings about zombies? Seriously, what more do you need?