Trashy Tuesday: Barrio Tiger

Barrio Tiger: Loud? Check. Fast? Check. Dirty? Check.

Barrio Tiger: Loud? Check. Fast? Check. Dirty? Check.

I came across Barrio Tiger while searching for garage punk on ReverbNation. Some further research of this band revealed the following:

  • a quote stating Barrio Tiger is “Garage punk done right.”
  • the band has played the Reno Sleazefest.

Well, that sounds like pretty good credentials for Trashy Tuesday even if it’s not quite as lo-fi as our usual Trashy Tuesday selections.

If you had to describe this Los Angeles band with one word, loud would certainly be a good choice. Dirty might be another good one. Not that I know anything about the hygiene habits of these guys, but if you can think of a better word to describe the guitar in “Born Ready,” I’d like to know what it is.

While a lot of garage punk bands are happy with minimal chords played loud and fast (not that there’s anything wrong with that), the members of Barrio Tiger show they can shred on their instruments. “Bullet” is a great example of that. Sure this is a garage punk band, but the guitar in this song is closer to Supersuckers than Ramones.

This is real simple. If you like your rock n roll loud, fast, and dirty, Barrio Tiger is a good band to get to know.

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