Hey music artists and bands, do you have an album coming out soon (as early as next week)? Let us know about it and make your case to be our pick of the week in the week that your album becomes available. Send us links to your tunes and if we like what we hear, we’ll make you the Incognito pick of the week.


King Tuff released its self-titled album yesterday. You can stream the entire album on YouTube and buy the album on CD or vinyl from Sub Pop.

The Thing that Ate Larry Livermore (Adeline Records) is available today. It is a compilation of 16 punk songs by bands like The Dopamines and Lipstick Homicide. You can buy the album at Interpunk and stream the album on Pure Volume.

Stream and buy this compilation now.

In the current issue (June), we rated saisons and farmhouse ales. In the July issue, you’ll see our reviews of American hefe weizens. What beer style do you want to see us review in the August issue?

Those Crosstown Rivals is a band I found while browsing one day on Bandcamp. Whether you want to call it southern rock or cowpunk, this is a band that plays its gritty tunes with a raw energy that I love. Don’t be surprised if you see something about this band in an upcoming issue. In the meantime, enjoy this video. I know I do.

At Incognito, we are fans of funk whether it’s stuff that reminds you of George Clinton or funky Latin music. The bottom line is that we like funk because it’s a kind of music you can feel below your waist.

Enter Caramelo. This is a band that plays funky, soulful tunes that are heavily influenced by flamenco. If you want a good example of the funk this band brings, check out the song “Brooklyn.” This has some really bright and funky trumpet to go with a strong bass line and a guitar part that is muted just like in ska. By now, you know that Incognito celebrates the unusual in music. Caramelo may not be like anything you have in your collection, but it is definitely worth adding to your collection.

The new album Ride is available 29 May

featured model Jessica Lyn

Incognito Music, Models, and More Issue #4

The Darlings will be a part of the Vans Warped Tour this summer. Check our interview with the band.


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