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Posted: June 29, 2012 in Funk Friday
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Orgone – music to get you moving below the waist

We love funk here at Incognito HQ. Old-style funk. If it’s done well, it can get you thinking while it gets your hips moving.  One funk band we have come to love recently is Orgone from Los Angeles. This band plays funk the way it is meant to be played. It is driven by the rhythm section and accented by the horns and guitars. This band will get your hips moving for sure. And if you like what you see and hear from this band, I have good news. You can expect to see more about this band in an upcoming edition of Incognito.

If you’ve never listened to the You Got Good Taste podcast (hosted by Mr. A the Barber on the GaragePunk network), you are truly missing out. Mr. A digs up some truly trashy songs and puts them all together in a one-hour podcast. This episode features songs from Thee Gravemen, The Vicars, and Brain Washington to name a few. If you like your music a little (OK, a lot) on the sleazy side, click the picture to check out Volume 47 of this monthly podcast.

Listen to this delightfully trashy podcast

We’re trying something new here at Incognito HQ: world music Wednesdays. Today’s selection comes from Ethiopian reggae band Nazarenes. I have been listening to the new album Meditation (I Grade Records, 2012) a lot recently, not only because I like this band, but also because my three-year-old son has really taken a shine to it as well. So, for our first world music Wednesday, we give you “The Lord Said” from Meditation by Nazarenes.

If you are a fan of punk, you are in luck. Today Mixtapes releases its new album Even on the Worst Nights. This band writes songs that get right into your head and stay there. Don’t believe me? Check out the video for “Sprinkles.”

Check out his new track on DeliRadio on 26 June

Hey all you Fishbone fans out there, great news! Angelo Moore is releasing a new track called “Brand New Step” on tomorrow. DeliRadio is a social site that allows you to keep track of bands that are coming to your area. check out the site tomorrow and hear the brand new track from Angelo Moore.

Infantree is not an easy band to describe. Calling it indie roots rock might be an accurate description although I don’t know how helpful it is in truly describing the band. The songs on the band’s new album are layered in sound and steeped in the music of the 60s and 70s. Just listen to “Bag of Tricks” and “Fibber” and try not to think of a whole bunch of classic rock bands. (Specifically, the organ in “Fibber” is reminiscent of The Band.) And perhaps that connection to the past is why Infantree was chosen to tour with Neil Young and Crazy Horse this summer. If you like harmonious classic rock, check out Infantree (click the picture to visit the band’s website).

Hero’s Dose is available from Vapor Records on Tuesday 26 June.

Available Tuesday 26 June


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