Available now from Cold Slice (click the picture to buy the tape)

Loyal reader, I am going to let you behind the curtain a little bit. I didn’t know for sure what I was going to feature for Trashy Tuesday. Then I opened my inbox and saw the new album from Jehosaphat Blow. This one-man band makes music that is the very definition of trashy. Frankly, as a songwriter and performer, this guy is absolutely bananas and I love that about him. His songs are filled with furious energy and the longest of the 12 songs on Natural High for Low People (Cold Slice Cassettes, 2012) is 3:39. Generally, he packs all of his lo-fi madness into two and a half minutes or fewer. I’ve posted “She’s a Moaner” (no point in keeping it classy on a Trashy Tuesday.) Your Trashy Tuesday just got a lot better and you can thank Jehosaphat Blow for that.

Bring on the Light is available tomorrow (31 July)

Any regular readers here at Incognito HQ shouldn’t be surprised that we’re doing something a little different with the pick of the week. A fair share of duos have been featured here on this site, but they are usually greasy blues or punk. Lac La Belle is an acoustic duo from Detroit (and no, this is not the kind of music you’d expect to come out of Detroit.) Two things are immediately striking about this band. First, this duo writes really good songs. My personal favorite is the last song on the album “Bring on the Light.” This song features only guitar and mandolin and it is pretty well steeped in bluegrass. Jennie Knaggs and Nick Schillace finish the song with just vocals, and I will tell you something, loyal reader. The end of this song makes the hairs on my arms stand up. Yes, it’s that good. The other standout quality of the band is the harmonies. These two have obviously been playing together for a significant amount of time because they know how to harmonize like the best bluegrass bands out there. If American roots music is something that interests you, give this band a listen. Bring on the Light is available tomorrow.

Due a distinct lack of time, I’m going to keep this brief. However, this is a surf music Sunday, so you deserve a dose of surf. The Surf Guitar 101 convention is a mere two weeks away here in southern California (have you made your plans to attend?) and one of the bands performing at the convention is The Intoxicators! Do yourself a favor and check this Florida band. Check out some of the band’s songs at ReverbNation.

Loyal reader, do I have a treat for you. You’re winding down your workday (or if you’re lucky, you’re done for the day already) and you need something to get you primed for the weekend. Dr. Incognito has the cure for you. Get your dancing shoes on for this funky gem by Ray Sharp and The Soul Set from 1968. You’re welcome.

Get Carnivales Electricos today

All right, loyal reader. By now you know the drill. It’s a Funk Friday and as such it is time to get funky. What better way to get funky than with Galactic? The band released Carnivales Electricos earlier this year, with guest appearances by Cyril and Ivan Neville, Mystikal and others. So without further ado, let’s get right to the funk. This video for “Goin’ Down Slowly” features Corey Glover of Living Colour. The latest album is available everywhere.

Available now on Soundcloud (click the picture to listen)

Yes, I know it’s a Funk Friday, but I have to pass along news like this. One of my new favorite bands Horror Deluxe has a new album available. You can listen to the entire album on Soundcloud. I will let you listen and judge for yourself, but I will say this. The fantastically fuzzy first song sounds like the theme to some gritty spy movie. What are you waiting for? Go listen to the album, then come back here later today for your double dose of funk.

Check out “Downtown Girl” from the album Bikini

As I mentioned in the previous post, there are two songs that have really caught my attention this week. If you listed to them consecutively (and I highly recommend it), you will notice a recurring idea in each song. Not in the Face recently played The Hootenanny here in southern California and I have listened to Bikini a couple times this week. The song that always grabs my attention is “Downtown Girl.”

The Terrorists is a rather unfortunate name for a band. The name itself does not Google well, and then if you search for “terrorists band,” I don’t imagine the results would be much better. It’s not necessarily something you want to show up in your browser history. All that aside, this band has written one of the songs that has really caught my attention and made me laugh this week. Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to check out “30-Minute Love” by The Terrorists (also available on The GaragePunk compilation Supercharged Sounds.

More good stuff from Tex Soul

We hope you liked the earlier post with a song by Tex Soul. Click the pic again to hear another good song from this Nigerian funkmaster.


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