In our heavy rotation: Cory Branan

tremendous songwriter

This guy belongs in your heavy rotation.

Sometimes you come across an artist that you like immediately. In fact, you like the artist so much that you explore as much music as you can from that artist. Such is the case with Cory Branan. I saw him perform probably five years ago and was pretty impressed with his live show. Now, I’ve found his most recent album Mutt and I’ll be honest, I’m doing some serious exploring of his music. He is a really good songwriter and storyteller. We recommend checking out his music and feel pretty certain in saying he might end up in your heavy rotation too. “The Corner” (video) is a song I just can’t get enough of.

World Music Wednesday: the eastern European folk of Harmonia

Yes, I know it’s Independence Day here in the United States, but it’s still a world music Wednesday here at Incognito HQ. Harmonia is a band that plays roots music of eastern Europe. I could sit here and try to explain how this band sounds, but I think it’s best for you to just listen and judge for yourself. I will say this. I know flutes and hammered dulcimers may not be the hippest instruments around, but how many chances do you get to listen to a song called “Moldavian Stomp”?

Trashy Tuesday: The Creeping Ivies

Available for free at Bandcamp

If you are a regular here at Incognito HQ, you know we have a thing for primitive rock and roll duos. Enter The Creeping Ivies from the UK.  ”Ghost Train” is about as raw and primitive as music can be with a wonderfully fuzzed-out sound. Oh, and just listen to that wail about a minute and a half into the song. And then again about three minutes in. If anything, it’s even more bone-chilling the second time. If you like this track, you are in luck. You can download the entire three-song EP for free at Bandcamp.

Incognito pick of the week: Supercharged Sounds (GaragePunk Hideout comp, vol.8)

Volume 8 of the GaragePunk compilations is available today

We’re doing something a little different at Incognito HQ this week. Our pick of the week is the latest compilation from the GaragePunk Hideout. Every one of these compilations is filled with raw, raucous rock and roll that you’ll want to listen to at inadvisably loud volumes. Supercharged Sounds includes Big John Bates, as well unforgettable band names like Speedy and the Fuck Offs and Rock & Roll Monkey and the Robots.

This album is available to everyone via iTunes and Amazon. However, if you want to get this album for free, you need to become a member of the GaragePunk network and join the GRGPNK Records Group.

Surf music Sunday: Bonney and Buzz

The new album from Bonney and Buzz is available now from Double Crown

Surf is a genre of music I probably would never have explored if I didn’t listen to Radio Free Bakersfield, but I’m glad I am one of Whorehay’s “irregular” listeners because there is a lot of really good surf music out there. (No people didn’t stop making surf music in the 60s.) Another good place to go for surf music is Double Crown Records. Last week, Double Crown released Play Rough by Bonney and Buzz. And if you like surf music, this is definitely a good band to check out. Listen to “Perestroika” and if you like it, get this and lots of other good surf titles from the good folks at Double Crown.


Incognito Music, Models, and More vol. 5 – The Americana issue

The featured music artists in the July (Americana) issue are 500 Miles to Memphis and Phil Hummer. Click the front cover to see our interviews with both artists, plus our feature of Skyeann Giglio, our reviews of albums and American hefe weizens.

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