Dr. Caligari: UK psychobilly

‘Billy Monday: Dr. Caligari

Welcome to another edition of ‘Billy Monday. This is our weekly celebration of rockabilly, hillbilly, and psychobilly. I do this simply because I think these genres are all pretty freakin’ good, but just don’t get enough attention.

I found Dr. Caligari on Bandcamp while browsing for psychobilly bands. I have to admit that this band caught my attention before I even heard a note of the music. How is that? Well, the cover art looks like something from one of my favorite comics: The Goon (and if you haven’t read it, you absolutely should). That album cover fits this EP perfectly considering the references to death and zombies in these three songs.

So what can you expect from this band aside from songs about death? Well, like any good psychobilly band, this one delivers fast tempos, loud guitars and a bass line that makes you wonder how the bassist does it. It’s all wrapped together with a female vocalist who sounds like she wouldn’t have any trouble dotting your eye. Another thing that sets this band apart is that it tells a good story in its songs. There is something almost literary in the stories of these songs – as if you’re hearing a spooky story set to music. But as always, don’t just take my word for it. Have a listen for yourself.

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