‘Billy Monday: The Howling Bullets

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve featured a lot of Canadian artists recently, particularly for ‘Billy Monday. You know how this goes. You find one band, and then you get recommendations for other bands in the area. And really, what can I say? The Canucks are grabbing my attention at the moment.

The Howling Bullets is a punkabilly/horrorbilly band from Toronto. Now those terms probably turn some folks off immediately. They probably imagine band members in ghastly makeup singing about darker themes that are pretty familiar at this time of year. When you visit the website for The Howling Bullets, you’ll see a player with three song, two of which are “Ghoul County Limits” and “Devil Bat.” So yeah, this band has the Halloween sort of themes (and the makeup), but they’re really good songs with some loud and fast guitars and rhythms that will make you push the accelerator to the floor if you hear it in the car.

My favorite song of the three available on the website is “Mississippi Magnolia.” This is a great punkabilly sound. Just listen to the bass line in this one. If it doesn’t get you moving, it’s hard to imagine what will.

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