Feel-Good Friday: Headshine

Another Friday is upon us and here at Incognito HQ that means it’s time for some music to make you feel good. After all, you’re putting the cap on another week at work, and you should start your weekend with some good vibes.

You can think of this as a continuation of yesterday’s Take ‘Er Easy Thursday post in which Robert Earl Keen sings “Fuck it!” when it feels like things are closing in on you. This song doesn’t advise anything as brash as saying “Fuck it!” Mind you, it has the same overall message that you can’t let things get you down. But while Robert Earl Keen suggests laughing in the face of unfavorable circumstances, Headshine says that you should keep your head up when troubles and worries get you down. Yes, we’ve all heard the advice loads of times before, but like most songs I feature on Fridays, it’s a message you can’t hear frequently enough. Sometimes – especially when “days feel like years” (like every day in your cubicle) – we all need to hear the message that better things are going to come your way.

Know a good song for Feel-Good Friday? Feel free to let us know about it in a comment or an email.


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