My kid must think this constantly

Feel-Good Friday: my kid is freakin’ cool

I don’t ask you to indulge me very often, loyal reader, but I’m going to do it today. It is Feel-Good Friday, and this story is bound to make me feel better than anyone that reads it, but hey, it’s a good story.

A friend of mine plays in a blues band, and I received a notice that the band was playing last night at a small restaurant not far from where I live. I asked my son if he wanted to go (even though it sort of conflicted with his bedtime) and he said he would.

We arrived shortly after the band started at 7:30 and my son was immediately into it, asking me about the instruments and the music. That’s where the coolness began. Instead of saying that it was too loud or complaining about something, he sat there and listened (and enjoyed the music) while he asked me questions like how many strings are on a bass.

Now, let me flash back. A couple days ago, I went to YouTube and found “Messin’ with the Kid” by Junior Wells. I played it for my son and he seemed to enjoy it. Then before we went to see Black Cat Bone, I told my son that the band does a version of that song I played for him. At some point during the band’s first set, I asked my son if he wanted to hear “Messin’ with the Kid.” He said yes. so I told him to request it of the band. My little man walked up near the stage and requested the song. The singer said, “When someone who’s four and three-quarters asks you to play ‘Messin’ with the Kid,’ you play it.”

Now, the story could end there, but it doesn’t. After the band’s first set, the guys came out to mingle with the crowd. At some point, my son climbed down from his stool, walked over to the harmonica player and said, “What’s your name?”

“Roger,” he answered.

“You play pretty good harmonica.”

In the words of Dave Barry, “I swear I am not making this up.” My son not only requested a Junior Wells song, he also gave the harmonica player props for his abilities. I realize that this story means more to me than to you, but for a Feel-Good Friday, it makes me feel pretty freakin’ good.

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