Wherever you find it, find the courage to grow.

Feel-Good Friday: Rebelution

Well, loyal reader, you’ve made it through another work week. It’s time to get into weekend mode with a little something we like to call Feel-Good Friday. If this is your first time checking it out, this is where I feature a song that is all about good vibes to help you coast into your weekend. Since my weekend will include a Rebelution show (look for my slideshow on Examiner), I figured this is a good time to feature the band on a Feel-Good Friday. But before I get to that, allow me to say that I recently interviewed Rebelution’s singer Eric Rachmany (for the second time) and I think he is a righteous dude.

Yesterday at work, I went to Rebelution’s Bandcamp page and listened to Courage to Grow. The opening track is perfect for Feel-Good Friday. First off, Rachmany dedicates the song to those who have lost hope. From there, the song is chock-full of lyrics that we should all heed every day. “You’re not too old to accomplish goals” is a particularly good message, although it’s not the only one. “Take some chances” and “take action” are just some of the messages we could all take to heart every day. Rather than sit here and break the song down line by line, allow me to just invite you to listen to the song for yourself and say that I agree with Rachmany who says, “I hope you find the courage to grow.” Enjoy your Feel-Good Friday and your weekend.

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