Incognito pick of the week: BEAST!

It’s not surprising to hear that a hard rock or metal band is from Sweden. In fact, that just might be the least surprising thing you’ll read all day (aside from the daily update of Miley Cyrus’s “outrageous” behavior). While it’s not surprising, the band sure is good.

Yesterday, I wrote about an album that was like a slap to your earhole. This one is too. The album begins with “Save Me.” The best way I can describe this is groove rock with tough-chick vocals. Just imagine if Ann Wilson (70s Ann Wilson of course) sang vocals with Motorhead playing behind her. No, I’m not kidding. It’s like that. In fact, the entire album is like that.

If you’re someone who doesn’t profess to be a fan of metal, fear not. This album actually tends more toward heavy-duty rock n roll (sometimes played at the musical equivalent of ludicrous speed), than metal. Sure, it will get you bangin’ your head, but just listen to the bass line in “Outracin’ Hell” and tell me that’s not groove rock. This is rock n roll as it’s meant to be: loud, fast, and reckless. Do yourself a favor. Get this album, and turn it up as loud as you can stand it. If the neighbors don’t like it, well, just remember what Mojo Nixon once said, “I don’t care what the neighbors think. They got the highfalutin stink!” This album is all the rebuttal you need or those folks who say rock is dead.

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