Incognito pick of the week: Stephanie Kong

I know this is a lot different than the music we normally cover here at Incognito HQ, but the fact that we are featuring Steph (aka Steph the Lyricist) is proof what a good intro can do. This young lady introduced herself to us in an e-mail explaining that she recently graduated high school. Let’s face it: high school can be a rough time for lots of people, and Steph knows that as well as anyone.

Without broadcasting her entire email to you, allow me to say that Steph’s goal – with her music and in general – is to help people that are dealing with suicidal thoughts. That noble goal is what leads me to feature her here today. Sometimes you just have to go beyond the ordinary to present a bigger picture of things that are more important than music. After all, if we do nothing to help people in whatever way, then we are abject failures as failures as human beings. And let’s face it: music can be a powerful tooI, particularly for lifting the spirits of people. I don’t feel like I need to say anything more. I will just invite you to listen to Steph’s song “Her” (it’s a beautiful song) and to let her know that you support what she’s doing.


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