You got that right, kid.

It’s not me, it’s you: bands I’ve burned out on

I know for a lot of people, music is a static thing. In fact, most people I encounter rarely go beyond the music they listened to in high school. To me, music is a very dynamic thing. And just music itself, but also music collections and musical tastes. Here are some bands that I enjoyed at one point but have grown stale for me.

  • The Black Keys – I still have Thickfreakness in my collection although at this point it is more because my son likes it. It didn’t help that The Black Keys sold out. (I got through about three and a half songs of Brothers, which sounded like some producer got a hold of the band.) But I don’t even like Thickfreakness anymore and I really enjoyed it for a while. Something in Dan Auerbach’s sort of droning delivery has worn me out.
  •  The Beatles – I loved The Beatles when I was in college. I remember finding the red and blue Greatest Hits records for $2 each. Somewhere along the way, I just lost my connection to the band.
  • Pavement - Remember when Pavement was the indie-darling band? I had Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain in my collection…until I realized I only liked about half the songs on the album. Listening to it now, Pavement sounds a lot like Weezer.
  • David Bowie – I can hear you gasp out there. A music writer that doesn’t like Bowie? It’s unthinkable! I know I’m supposed to like him, but I just don’t. I’m not crazy about his voice or his music. The Man Who Sold the World had a place – briefly – in my collection, but realized I would never listen to it enough to justify keeping it. So I didn’t.
  • U2 – This has nothing to do with Bono’s politics or grandstanding. It’s just that when I hear a new U2 song, it might be catchy the first couple times I hear it. Then I’m done with it. Just like that.

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