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Take ‘Er Easy Thursday: Laurie Morvan Band

The Dude says, "No working during drinking hours."

The Dude says, “No working during drinking hours.”

Yes, I know. The posts have been sporadic this week. They (for better or worse) will probably remain that way for a while as I make some changes here at Incognito HQ. Obviously I couldn’t let anything stand in the way of another Take ‘Er Easy Thursday post. That’s right. I have been working on some other things, but I won’t let those other things interfere with our weekly tribute to the ethos of The Dude.

The thing about these Take ‘Er Easy Thursday posts is…I have no idea if these artists are Dudeists. What I do know is that these artists are great at capturing the Dudeist ethos in song. Take Laurie Morvan for instance. She basically wraps ‘er up with the first line of this song: “Ain’t nobody working during drinking hours.” Think about it. The Dude’s drinking hours are basically when he’s awake and you can bet your boots he’s not going to be working. And there’s a lot to be said for that. After all, do you think The Dude is going to choose being a cubicle jockey over fixing himself a White Russian whenever he feels like it? Not likely.

Now, I realize that Laurie Morvan goes on to sing about the working stiff who has worked hard all week and now the drinking hours (the weekend) have arrived. But let’s face it. No one would choose to be that working stiff instead of The Dude, whose most strenuous activity (when he’s not pursuing nihilists) is “driving around and the occasional acid flashback.” You tell me who has it figured out. That about wraps ‘er up, don’tcha think? Don’t let work get in the way of your drinking hours. And until next time, you take ‘er easy. I know that you will.

A Toast to Friday: The Hung Ups

"I've been hungover before."

“I’ve been hungover before.”

It’s time once again for our weekly toast to Friday. If you’re just joining us, this is where we present a drinking song to get you into weekend mode. This one is particularly fitting for today because with yesterday being Independence Day here in the States, probably a lot of you are already in weekend mode. Which means there’s a good chance you’re hungover, just like the title of this song.

This song by The Hung Ups begins with the sound of an alarm followed by a guy cracking open his first beer of the day. Now, a lot of people probably want to do that today – even if they have to go to work. You wake up feeling terrible and you take a little hair of the dog to start your day. Then comes the lament that the narrator is hungover (we’ve all been there) followed by the declaration that he is going out again that night. Sound familiar? I thought so.

And what’s the story? You wonder why you continue to abuse yourself this way, but ultimately you do it because you have a good time. And really, what’s another hangover when you’ve been hungover before. If you’re feeling that way this morning, then this song is your anthem. Play it loud. Sing along. And what the hell. Raise your glass and drink some hair of the dog in a toast to Friday. Have a good weekend and be safe.

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A Toast to Friday: The Revelers

Beverages and good jukebox songs: the perfect beginning to the weekend

Beverages and good jukebox songs: the perfect beginning to the weekend

I know that you’re expecting Funk Friday, loyal reader. Don’t worry. You haven’t seen the last of it. I’m still trying to catch up after my week of vacation. While I don’t have a Funk Friday selection for you, I have a tremendous drinking song to get you ready for the weekend.

So there you are – sitting in your cubicle. You’re looking at your watch (or phone, or computer) every couple minutes and it seems like quitting time is never going to come. You’re thinking as much about your work as that skinny girl (you know, the one who eats three grapes for lunch) from accounting is thinking about eating a foot-long Elvis sandwich. What you’re really thinking about is going to your local watering hole where all you’re concerned about is having a nice beverage (or seven) and hearing some good music on the jukebox.

Does that sound like every Friday you’ve ever experienced at the office? Well, The Revelers have the song for you. In the first 30 seconds of the song, the vocalists mentions:

  • finding a bar
  • drinking until the sun comes up
  • spending his money on jukebox songs and
  • dancing the night away.

Oh, and all of that is to an infectious zydeco melody…which is great for dancing the night away. (Click the picture to hear the entire album.)

That is not only the cure for a crummy day at work, but it’s also a pretty good beginning to the weekend. It sure beats the stuffing out of sitting in your cubicle until 4:00 (or whatever time you leave). And so, on this Friday, let’s have a toast. To finding a bar, enjoying a beverage, and playing some excellent tunes on the jukebox!

Have a great weekend, loyal reader.


A Toast to Friday with Folk Hogan

We’re going to try something different here at Incognito HQ. You’re finishing up your work week and you’re ready to forget all about the office and all the crummy things you have to do. What better way to forget all that stuff than with a drinking song? That’s right. Every week, we’re going to introduce a drinking song to get you into proper weekend mode. We’re going to kick this off with a band from Salt Lake City (yes, a band from Salt Lake City doing songs about drinking). This is the perfect song for a Friday because most bars become a march of drunkards after 5:00 on a Friday. And so, without further ado, let’s get this weekend started with Folk Hogan.

Funk Friday: T Bird and The Breaks

Funk...and then some

Funk…and then some

Yes, I know we already had one dose of funk this week, but I really think you can never have too much funk. Besides, since I first heard this band, I have not been able to get enough of T-Bird and The Breaks.

My introduction to this band came when I was doing a search on Bandcamp for drinking songs. That led me to the song “Somebody Had a Drinking Problem.” Now this song isn’t strictly a funk song. It’s leans more toward R&B and doo-wop, but I’ll say this much. It’s not easy to find a drinking song more catchy than this one. In any case, that led me to explore more of this band.

That further explanation led me to some excellent funk like Never Get out of This Funk Alive. This album features the essentials of funk: horns, bass, and some excellent organ. But that’s not all! No, loyal reader, it also has some great vocals. T Bird’s vocals are a raspy growl that remind me of Dr. John and Jon Spencer. If you want a really good example of the funk this band lays down, check out “Spread the Love.” It’s a pretty easygoing melody, but it has some serious funk. This is one where the vocals really remind me of Dr. John.

T Bird and The Breaks is not a funk band exclusively. The band’s sounds also include soul, and R&B, and hip-hop. That being said, there is enough funk in  this band to get you to move your backside and get sweaty…particularly on Never Get out of This Funk Alive.

It’s Sunday, Punk: The Welch Boys

Bring Back the Fight will be available 13 June

Bring Back the Fight will be available 13 June

It’s not surprising to learn that The Welch Boys is a Boston band. From the very beginning of the title track, you can draw comparisons to a couple other Boston bands. The lead vocals have the same deep and gritty quality you get from Dicky Barrett. The backing vocals on the other hand remind me a lot more of Dropkick Murphys with a lot of voices shouting loud and proud.

Speaking of Dropkick Murphys, you know how their albums are just one high-energy song after another? (OK, so the band mixes in the occasional ballad.) Well, The Welch Boys follow suit. Every song on the upcoming album Bring Back the Fight is a true punk song. In other words, all of these tunes are loud and fast songs that make you want to either blast the music out your windows or punch someone. OK, maybe not punch, but if you’re walking down the street with this on your iPod, chances are pretty good that you’ll want to jump into the nearest guy wearing a suit and hope to start a circle pit right there on the sidewalk. I’ll tell you this much: if “Hit It and Quit It” doesn’t get your adrenaline going, i’m not sure there’s a tune that will.

You know how some drinking songs are slow and others kind of play on words? Neither of those is the case with “Whiskey and Beer.” The band makes it pretty simple. “I want whiskey and beer.” It doesn’t get more straightforward than that. The song is only a little more than a minute and a half, so if you’re using this as a song for a bout of drinking, it’s definitely suited to shooting whiskey or shotgunning beers.

Bring Back the Fight will be available on 13 June from Sailor’s Grave Records. If you’re a fan of real punk rock made to be played at irresponsibly loud volumes, this album belongs in your collection.

Too Drunk by Secret Country

I see the stats for this blog and I know that you, loyal reader, like when I post songs about drinking. Who can blame you? It’s tough to beat a good drinking song. In this particular tune by Secret Country, the narrator has enough awareness to know that he’s too drunk to walk, drive, and even think. (If only everyone could have that much self-awareness when they drink.) He does, however, realize that he’s not too drunk for one thing: more drinking. That sounds a little more like real life. Oh, and if you like that drinking song (it sure is a catchy one), the band has a couple more drinking songs on the album Women, Whiskey, and Nightlife.

Music and drinking: some of our favorite things

This post is inspired by loyal reader Albert Alvarado who asked, “Why is music such a good drinking buddy?

Drinking because you’re feeling bad? Morrissey can always make you feel worse.

I can think of several reasons why music (whether live or on the jukebox) and drinking go so well together. First, both have the ability to make you feel better. If you are seeing a band you really like, you’re going to have a good time regardless. But let’s face it, having a good beer while you check out your favorite band makes the experience even better. Conversely, if you’re drinking because you’re depressed, you can find something on the jukebox (you know, like Morrissey) to match your mood.

Another reason music and drinking go so well together is because, well…music and drinking go so well together. What do I mean? Just look through your collection and count how many songs are about drinking. Then take those songs and make a playlist of drinking songs. What’s that? You need some suggestions to get you started? OK, here you go.

That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of drinking songs, but it will give you a good base for a playlist.

Best buds or total strangers?

Finally, let’s think about one more reason why music and drinking are virtually inseparable. What does alcohol do? It makes you shed your inhibitions. Maybe you ordinarily wouldn’t sing, especially in a room full of strangers. But if you’ve had a couple beverages and you hear a great song come on the jukebox, you might find yourself with your arm around the person next to you singing along like the song is your own. Let’s face it. That (probably) doesn’t happen if alcohol is not involved. Neither would karaoke.

My Football Team’s Got Me Drinkin’: A song for the Euro Cup

Loyal reader, we here at Incognito HQ like to think that there is a song for every occasion. The Euro Cup gets underway today and we have the perfect song for the event. Over the next month plenty of soccer fans will have the feeling expressed by The Vandon Arms in “My Football Team’s Got Me Drinkin’.” So whether your team loses or plays poorly and wins, now you have the perfect song for when your football team gets you down.

Soccer fans, The Vandon Arms feel your pain