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Trashy Tuesday: Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!

It was a little like Christmas when I visited Bandcamp and saw that Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! has a new album available. When it comes to trashy rock n roll, this band is the bee’s knees, baby! It has the great qualities of garage rock: volume, energy, and just the right amount of madness. Now, is it as crazy as Cantan en Espanol – the album that is pretty much the gold standard for raw and crazy garage rock? It’s hard to say from what I heard. “Fruta Podrida” and “Tres Cabezas” seem crazy enough that they could easily fit on Cantan en Espanol.

Regardless of how you compare it to the band’s other albums, Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! deliver just what you’d expect: fuzzed-out guitars, organ, and vocals punctuated by a lot of primal shouts. If you’re already a fan of this band, you won’t be disappointed. If this is your first time checking out this wonderfully trashy band from Valencia, Spain…you’re welcome.

Trashy Tuesday: Strangefellas

Strangefellas: fuzztastic

Strangefellas: fuzztastic

I resisted Twitter for a long time, but it is good for some things…and not just some feud between two “celebrities” I’ve never heard of. You see, I was looking for a recommendation for Trashy Tuesday. Enter Strangefellas, a three-piece band from Lebanon, Missouri. After receiving a Tweet from this band (whose name sounded familiar), I checked out the Twitter page, where the band is advertised as “loud obnoxious garage rock from southwest Missouri.” I need not tell you, loyal reader, that we are tremendous fans of loud, obnoxious garage rock.  As for the name sounding familiar, I covered this band’s song “Clockmilker’s Union” for a recent edition of Take ‘Er Easy Thursday.

Now, if I were going to describe this band with just one word, it would have to be “fuzz.” Fuzz is what makes this music. It’s not unusual to notice the fuzz on a guitar, but this has some pretty healthy fuzz coming from the bass too. For a good example, just listen to “Bob’s Your Uncle.”

This band has another thing besides healthy amounts of fuzz. It also has a tongue-in-cheek sense of sense of humor that I enjoy. In the song “Lifecoach” (one of the oddest jobs I can imagine, but that is a story for another time), the band basically tells the subject of the song “Thanks, but I don’t remember asking your advice.” I have to be honest. I’m not sure how a life coach goes five seconds without hearing that sentiment.

This is pretty simple. If you like your rock n roll loud and fuzzy (and really, is there any other way to like your rock and roll), check out Strangefellas.



Trashy Tuesday: Jacques Le Coque

In case you’re just joining us, one thing we like to do here at Incognito HQ is to reward bands that reach out to us. Recently, I received a message from Jacques Le Coque, so I checked out the link the band sent me. And guess what. Well, you probably already guessed that I realized this band from Stamford, Connecticut, is perfect for Trashy Tuesday.

The easy description for this band is to say that it is loud and fast. A more colorful way to put it is to say that this band is not afraid to blister your eardrums with some raucous rock n roll. If you asked me to compare this band to another band, I’d have to say that this band reminds me of The Neckbones. Both bands take an almost reckless approach to tempo and volume and both bands believe in songs that are just about two minutes long.

If the band hasn’t already grabbed your attention before you get to “Sidewalk” (although that is nearly inconceivable), this one ought to be enough to reel you in. This is garage rock with a twist of funk. It reminds me a bit of a Columbus band called Royal Crescent Mob. The intro features some wicked guitar work, but there is also a solo that will make you want to learn guitar just so you can play like this.

“Sidewalk” is followed by “Grow Up.” This is a ridiculously catchy song that reminds me of Ramones not only in sound, but also in theme. Like many rockers before him, vocalist Pete Mazza sings about not wanting to grow up. And who can blame him? The next time I hear a kid say that he can’t wait to pay bills and sit in a beige cubicle every day will be the first time. Besides, if you can play loud and fast rock n roll, why would you want to grow up? Do yourself a favor and get this band’s self-titled album. It is proof positive that irresponsibly loud rock n roll has not gone out of style.


Take ‘Er Easy Thursday: Strangefellas

How to take 'er easy at work

How to take ‘er easy at work

Greetings, loyal reader, and welcome to another edition of Take ‘Er Easy Thursday. Or as we like to refer to it, Dudesday. This is the day of the week where we celebrate the ethos of the sultan of taking ‘er easy, The Dude. Now, I should say that “Clockmilker’s Union” by Strangefellas is about a job, so it’s not entirely Dudelike. That being said, it’s about taking a very Dudely approach to your job. Just dig these lyrics.

I’m going on strike

if I have to work too hard early in the morning.

If he did have a job (perish the thought!), that certainly sounds like something The Dude would say. But wait! There’s more!

I am here for a check

not to have to break a sweat.

Again, not exactly like The Dude, because The Dude didn’t want Lebowski’s “bullshit money.” Still, when it comes to not breaking a sweat, The Dude is king. Not just because he doesn’t work, but also because he almost always remains calm. So, the next time you get stressed about your job, just remember this song, and of course, The Dude. That oughta help you get over the stress you’re feeling. Until next time, you take ‘er easy. I know that you will.

Trashy Tuesday: Stupidity

photo by Bengt Alm

photo by Bengt Alm

No, loyal reader, I am not making some social commentary there. Stupidity is the name of this band from Stockholm. My first encounter with this band was when I saw it perform right here in southern California with The Love Me Nots at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. Think about that. I went to the bar to see a band from Arizona and got the added bonus of seeing a cool garage band from Sweden.

Stupidity has a lot of the things I love in a garage band: growled vocals, loud guitars, organ, and short songs that really grab the attention. Just listen to “This Love is For Real.” If that ain’t rock n roll, baby, I don’t know what is. Of course, you could say that about any song on the band’s ReverbNation page. If you were to ask me who this band most reminds me of, I would say Iggy and The Stooges. This is raw rock and roll played with a furious energy that makes it seem like the lives of the band members depends on it.

Really there isn’t much more to say about this. If you like your rock n roll raw and loud, this is a band you need to add to your collection. Just make sure you warm up your arms for all the fist pumping you’re going to do.

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Trashy Tuesday: Los Infierno

Salvaje is available now

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. There is just something about Spanish-language garage rock that is wonderfully trashy. I don’t mean to imply that some bands are trashy because they sing in Spanish, but Spanish-speaking bands know how to do trashy garage rock just right. Los Infierno is one of those bands that makes trashy music to be relished.

Salvaje is full of ultra-fuzzy guitars, raspy vocals, and some excellent rock and roll screams. Let’s face it. Anyone can scream. But it takes a certain someone to get that rock and roll scream just right. It has to be primal and it has to be well-placed in the song. The vocalist for Los Infierno has both of those aspects down. This is as raw and energetic an album as you are likely to find. Not only that, this is an album that begs to blasted out your windows so everyone nearby can hear the savage rock and roll of Los Infierno. Click the picture to visit the band’s Facebook page.