Elephant Tree is available now. 1922 will be available on 1 January.

Elephant Tree is available now. 1922 will be available on 1 January.

A glance at the Curbside Hustle page on Bandcamp shows that the music is tagged as rock, funk, soul, and jam. All of those are applicable but somehow don’t provide a complete description of this band. The first song on the Elephant Tree EP “Bottom of the Ocean” is a very interesting tune. It has a funky bass line to accompany the loud and somewhat fuzzy guitar. I don’t compare a lot of bands to Clutch, and I can’t entirely compare this band to Clutch, but the first track has a heavy groove that you can hear in a lot of Clutch songs.

The funk aspect of this band comes mostly from the rhythm section. A good example is at the beginning of “Elephant Tree,” which sounds like it could be the intro in a blaxploitation film. The rhythm section keeps the funk going through the whole song, which is also a good example of the jam component of this band.

So, can I come up with a better description of this band? Frankly, I’m not sure I can. Sure, funky heavy jam rock is a mouthful, but it probably is the most succinct way to describe it to people who have never heard Curbside Hustle. And if you like the Elephant Tree EP, I have good news for you. The band is set to release a new album called 1922 on 1 January.



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