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Funk Friday: Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes

Johnny Sketch + pitcher of Hurricanes = a good start to the weekend

Johnny Sketch + pitcher of Hurricanes = a good start to the weekend

I don’t know about you, loyal reader, but I think there is nothing quite like New Orleans funk to get you grooving on a Friday as you head into the weekend. And so, that is exactly what I sought out for this particular edition of Funk Friday.

“Axia” is the first song I heard from Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes and it is exactly what I’d expect from a New Orleans funk band. It has a super-groovy bass line, horns (just listen to that saxophone), and a pretty wicked guitar solo.

Now, allow me to ask you something. What could be better than a New Orleans funk song about football? Yes, I know it’s only June, but this is probably when we miss football the most. The Super Bowl was in February and the new season doesn’t start until September. Not only that, but we’re right around the corner from that time of year where we’re stuck with baseball, golf, and NASCAR. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re not a Saints fan. “Ya Herd Me?” will have you singing along.

Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes will definitely get you grooving and in the mood for the weekend. It’s also pretty likely that this band will make you want a Hurricane (the drink, not the natural disaster). Actually that seems like a pretty good idea. Turn on Johnny Sketch, pour yourself a Hurricane (hey, no one says you have to limit your Hurricanes only to Mardi Gras), and get your weekend started. Yes, even if it’s only 2:00. It’s been a long week and you deserve it.