Friend by Bobby T and the Slackers is available now on Bandcamp

Trashy Tuesday: Bobby T and The Slackers

Music searches can frequently lead you wrong, but I have to say that searching for the term garage punk on Bandcamp produces some pretty good results. One of the results of my most-recent search was Bobby T. and The Slackers from Los Angeles.

The album begins with some uptempo lo-fi guitar, which is followed by some primal drums. This song has the furious energy I expect from garage punk. It also has some good lyrics like, “The only time I feel beautiful is in the back of your shit car.”

This album is pretty catchy stuff. From the raw rock of “I Wanna Die” to the doo-wop of “Gone,” this band shows it is not only energetic but also fun. For a great example, check out the title track. This is an amazing blend of garage rock and 60s bubblegum. This album was released just last month, but if you didn’t know that, you might guess that it was recorded sometime in the 60s. It’s both trashy and poppy with some amazing harmonies. If you’re looking for an album that will get you moving while you sing along, Friend is a pretty good one.


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