Trashy Tuesday: Diarrhea Planet

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday, our weekly post dedicated to low class and high volume. I ask you, loyal reader, what is trashier than a band with the word diarrhea in its name? Now, a lot of folks would probably be turned off by such a name. It certainly doesn’t pass the grandma test (would you be ashamed to say the name of your band to your grandma?), of which Bobbo Byrnes of The Fallen Stars is a proponent. I, for one, am not dissuaded by the name, no matter how crass it may be.

A publicist recently told me that she is obsessed with Diarrhea Planet. After listening to the band, I can see why. This is essentially everything I could want in a Trashy Tuesday band. This band has short, hard-hitting songs, dirty-sounding guitar (with some definite AC/DC influence), and vocals that are shouted instead of sang. Oh, and did I mention there is some Ramones influence too, especially in songs like “Warm Ridin’.”

One of the things I like to think about when I listen to music is the perfect setting for a particular album or band. It would be easy to say that this is perfect music for driving. And it’s true…to a point. This is great music to have in the car because it is raucous and will definitely keep you from thinking about work (and who wants to think about work?). However, I feel like I’m not giving you enough if I say this is good driving music. This is excellent for drinking PBR tall boys while sitting in the bed of a pickup truck (on blocks) next to a doublewide. Or a fight. If there is a house band for a fight with broken bottles in a dark alley, Diarrhea Planet is it.

That about wraps it up for another edition of Trashy Tuesday. Until next time…keep it trashy.

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