Trashy Tuesday: New Swears

New Swears - trashy songs about drinking. Need I say more?

New Swears – trashy songs about drinking. Need I say more?

Bandcamp may have its limitations (a recommendations feature would be real nice), but the truth is you you can enter a search term on Bandcamp and get some really good results. For instance, when I was looking for bands to feature on Trashy Tuesday, I entered the term garage punk. One of the results of that search was this album by New Swears.

Before even getting into the music, I saw this description of the band.

Imagine Mean Jeans partying with the Black Lips. Jangly garage punk from these Ottawa party animals. The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk and jumping off the roof of a two story house into the shallow end and having to be carted off to the emergency room for a couple broken bones. Stream the whole record (which has already been released on tape on Bruised Tongue Records).

Obviously, I don’t recommend getting drunk and jumping off a roof, but still I wish more bands put that kind of effort into their descriptions. The album begins with “Jon’s Coke.” This song is the very definition of trashy. It has loud, trashy guitar, vocals that sound like they were recorded with duct tape wrapped around the microphone, and an overall sound like it was recorded in a basement. And if you think that one is trashy, check out “Cerveza.” This is a minute and fourteen seconds of pure mad energy and volume. An interesting challenge on this song: see if you can finish a beer before the end of the song.

“Liquor Store” is another amazing song. The best way to describe this song is to say that it is an explosion of sound…especially about two minutes in. It is just a fury of guitars, bass, and drums played at irresponsibly loud volumes.

If you’ve been looking for a new garage punk band, check out New Swears. It will fit right in alongside all the other raucous rock n roll in your collection.

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