Trashy rock from Madison

Trashy Tuesday: The Hussy

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday: our weekly celebration of all things lo-fi, sleazy, and raucous. Why? Because we like it sleazy here at Incognito HQ. But enough of this yakety-schmakety. Let’s get to it.

Some bands (maybe without even trying) capture my attention before I hear a note of their music. The Hussy caught my attention because – well – because hussy is such a great and underused word. The band’s Bandcamp page declares that this is a two-piece trash band from Madison, Wisconsin. I’ll tell you one thing; these guys aren’t giving you any false advertising. The sound certainly is trashy…with a healthy dose of psychedelia, particularly in “Woodland Creature.”

Of the songs available on Bandcamp, my favorite is “Rezhand.” The harmonica almost sounds like you’re about to hear a Bob Dylan song. Then you hear the vocals that sound like they were recorded on a harmonica microphone in a basement (and that’s not a bad thing). The only trouble with this song is that it’s too short.

That about wraps ‘er up for another edition of Trashy Tuesday. I hope you like The Hussy as much as I do. Until next time, take it sleazy.

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