Trashy Tuesday: The Skeleton Beats

Searching for garage punk on Bandcamp is always a good way to find bands to feature for Trashy Tuesday. It’s even better when I find a female-fronted garage-punk band.

Just last week, The Skeleton Beats released a new five-song EP and it is good stuff. Amy von Eerie’s vocals are tough, just as any garage-punk frontwoman’s should be. Her vocals make her sound like the kind of chick that would just as soon punch you in the neck as talk to you. It’s pretty easy to think about another rock chick when you hear Amy von Eerie: Joan Jett. And the instrumentation is pure 70s rock. This band believes in down-and-dirty guitar riffs played loudly. And that is exactly how you should play this EP: loudly. Just listen to that bass line about 2 and a half minutes into “Paramour.” If that doesn’t get your lower half moving, I have no idea what will.

I’ll just say it for the record. If you don’t like The Skeleton Beats, you just don’t like rock n roll. And you probably spend an inordinate amount of time shouting at cars that drive by as you sit on your front porch sipping lemonade – without too much sugar of course. After all, how are you supposed to maintain that sour disposition if you put too much sugar in your lemonade?

2 thoughts on “Trashy Tuesday: The Skeleton Beats

  1. Amy Von Eerie

    Thank you so much for the review! We worked really hard on this EP on finalizing our sound and overall direction of our music. You hit the nail on the head and we are proud to have been featured in your Trashy Tuesday feature!!!

    1. IncognitoMMM Post author

      I’m glad I found your stuff on Bandcamp. Keep rockin’ and be sure to let us know about any new tunes in the future.


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