The Smokin' Burnouts: music for Hell's cocktail lounge

Trashy Tuesday: The Smokin’ Burnouts

The Smokin' Burnouts (pretty much) had me at hello

The Smokin’ Burnouts (pretty much) had me at hello

You know in Jerry Maguire when Renee Zellweger says “You had me at hello.” Well, The Smokin’ Burnouts (from Austin) came pretty close to that with the introductory email sent to me. Why? Frankly, because The Smokin’ Burnouts is a great name for a band. It brings to mind those miscreants from high school who would gather under a tree (or wherever) and smoke.

I went to the band’s ReverbNation page and was immediately greeted with the raucous sounds of “Hill Country Express.” This is a bit like a Johnny Cash song…if it were performed by some combination of Supersuckers and Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers. It’s kind of a menacing tune that is equal parts rock n roll and rockabilly.

And if you think that’s menacing (trust me when I say I mean nothing negative by that), just listen to “Route 666.” About two minutes into the song, the band borrows a riff from AC/DC’s version of “Baby, Please Don’t Go.” Aside from that, I’d say that this sounds like the perfect song for Hell’s cocktail lounge.

If you like your rock n roll loud and fast (and perhaps a little evil), check out The Smokin’ Burnouts.


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