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Trashy Tuesday: The Ultra 5

My introduction to the Greek record label Green Cookie came a few years ago when I received The Graves Brothers Deluxe from the band. It was a pleasant surprise when I was searched Bandcamp for a Trashy Tuesday band and found this release from Green Cookie. It doesn’t take long to realize that The Ultra 5 carries the banner of 60s garage pretty well.

In “Don’t Know Why,” The band reminds me a lot of Them (sing it with me now, G-L-O-R-I-A!) while “Lady Orange Peel” leans more toward the psychedelia of Strawberry Alarm Clock. Then there is “The Bones Walk.” This song is everything that’s great about garage rock. It’s loud and recorded with a great energy. It features some great organ, loud guitars, and howling vocals that make you want to scream along.

My favorite track is “Fun” for a couple reasons. First of all, it features some cool harmonica, which is a nice touch with the classic garage sound. Secondly, this song is perfectly titled. If ever there was a track to play for a house party (that spills out onto the patio), it’s this one. This is the kind of song that lets all your neighbors know you’re having a party, and makes them want to come over and join the festivities.

If you like garage rock that sounds like it was recorded sometime in the 60s, The Ultra 5 is a band you should add to your collection. Denizens of Dementia is available now on Bandcamp.

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