Casa Paraiso - the new track from The Killer Tomato!

Feel-Good Friday: The Killer Tomato!

A lot of different things can make a song a good candidate for Feel-Good Friday. It could be the lyrics, it could be the melody, it could be the overall vibe. With this song by The Killer Tomato! (from Guatemala, and once featured on Ska Saturday), I don’t really understand the lyrics until the part in English a little more than three minutes into the song. But then I don’t feel like I need to understand the lyrics.

The melody of this song is pretty easygoing and it works a pretty good groove. I mean, just close your eyes and listen to the song. Do you find yourself swaying side to side? That sure wouldn’t surprise me. Hey, you’ve worked hard all week, so you deserve a nice laid-back song to send you into the weekend. So enjoy it. And let The Killer Tomato! know that you dig their style.

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