Just when you think it can't get no better...

Feel-Good Friday: Great American Taxi

Welcome to another edition of Feel-Good Friday, where we hope to sort of put a ribbon on your week of work and send you into the weekend feeling good. That is what Friday is all about.

And this song by Great American Taxi is just perfect for Feel-Good Friday for a couple reasons. First, just listen to the groove of this song. That alone should be enough to boost your mood. Then take a listen to the righteous lyrics like “I should be going to work, but I’d rather stay here with you instead.” Can I get an AMEN? Brothers, sisters, friends of the revolution, that is a commendable thing to do: skip work to spend the day with someone special. Oh, and those aren’t the only righteous lyrics. “It was a perfect day for a dalliance and a picnic.” I ask you, loyal reader, what day is not perfect for a dalliance, a picnic, or both? Frankly, if you can have a dalliance and a picnic, I’d say that’s a pretty tough day to beat.

But whether you have a dalliance or not, check out “Get No Better.” Hopefully, it will get you to forget about the work week behind you and to look ahead to the weekend…and maybe even start the weekend a little early.

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