Incognito pick of the week: A Day As Wolves

I’ve had some pretty good success recently searching the term fuzz rock on Bandcamp. that streak continued when I found A Day As Wolves from Calgary. Yeah, so it’s only three songs, but it’s good stuff. This certainly fits the fuzz rock category, but it also has a classic-rock sound to it. “Killing Time” reminds me a lot of Cream. No, I’m not kidding. It’s a mixture of fuzz, blues, and psychedelia that will get you grooving.

“Broken Heart City” is more of the same. If anything, it’s more psychedelic than “Killing Time” – and possibly more fuzzy. This tune also has a bass line that you’ll feel rumbling in your gut.

The self-titled EP from A Day As Wolves is available now on Bandcamp. If you like classic fuzz rock, this band will fit right into your collection.

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