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‘Billy Monday: The Steady Swagger

Generally ‘Billy Monday is reserved for rockabilly and psychobilly bands, but today I’m doing a little something different. As I mentioned last week, sometimes I ask bands where they would file their music in a record store. More than that, I give them the latitude to create their own file-under category. Well, The Steady Swagger has created its own file-under category: Whiskeybilly.

What is whiskeybilly? Well, the recipe might go something like this: Take one part Tom Waits, one part Sleepy LaBeef, and one part United Steel Workers of Montreal, and one part gypsy punk. Add a cask of rum, and a healthy dose of pirate rock. Now let me explain at least some of the ingredients in this musical cocktail. The vocals frequently sound like the theatrical growl of Tom Waits. There is some definite classic rockabilly sound (as well as some vocals like Sleepy LaBeef) in “One More Shot.” The backing vocals by drummer Brigitte Desjardins sometimes remind me of Felicity Hamer of United Steel Workers of Montreal. As for the rum…something has to fuel this band and its energetic recordings. As for the pirate rock, what can I say? My two boys have become big fans of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

While that description is pretty accurate, it still doesn’t do this band complete justice. Do yourself a favor. Pour yourself a big shot of rum (since you’re listening to this band, don’t mix it with anything this time), crank up the volume, and give The Steady Swagger a listen. It will get you rocking, and it just might get you shopping for an eyepatch.

Take ‘Er Easy Thursday: Laurie Morvan Band

The Dude says, "No working during drinking hours."

The Dude says, “No working during drinking hours.”

Yes, I know. The posts have been sporadic this week. They (for better or worse) will probably remain that way for a while as I make some changes here at Incognito HQ. Obviously I couldn’t let anything stand in the way of another Take ‘Er Easy Thursday post. That’s right. I have been working on some other things, but I won’t let those other things interfere with our weekly tribute to the ethos of The Dude.

The thing about these Take ‘Er Easy Thursday posts is…I have no idea if these artists are Dudeists. What I do know is that these artists are great at capturing the Dudeist ethos in song. Take Laurie Morvan for instance. She basically wraps ‘er up with the first line of this song: “Ain’t nobody working during drinking hours.” Think about it. The Dude’s drinking hours are basically when he’s awake and you can bet your boots he’s not going to be working. And there’s a lot to be said for that. After all, do you think The Dude is going to choose being a cubicle jockey over fixing himself a White Russian whenever he feels like it? Not likely.

Now, I realize that Laurie Morvan goes on to sing about the working stiff who has worked hard all week and now the drinking hours (the weekend) have arrived. But let’s face it. No one would choose to be that working stiff instead of The Dude, whose most strenuous activity (when he’s not pursuing nihilists) is “driving around and the occasional acid flashback.” You tell me who has it figured out. That about wraps ‘er up, don’tcha think? Don’t let work get in the way of your drinking hours. And until next time, you take ‘er easy. I know that you will.

A Toast to Friday: The Hung Ups

"I've been hungover before."

“I’ve been hungover before.”

It’s time once again for our weekly toast to Friday. If you’re just joining us, this is where we present a drinking song to get you into weekend mode. This one is particularly fitting for today because with yesterday being Independence Day here in the States, probably a lot of you are already in weekend mode. Which means there’s a good chance you’re hungover, just like the title of this song.

This song by The Hung Ups begins with the sound of an alarm followed by a guy cracking open his first beer of the day. Now, a lot of people probably want to do that today – even if they have to go to work. You wake up feeling terrible and you take a little hair of the dog to start your day. Then comes the lament that the narrator is hungover (we’ve all been there) followed by the declaration that he is going out again that night. Sound familiar? I thought so.

And what’s the story? You wonder why you continue to abuse yourself this way, but ultimately you do it because you have a good time. And really, what’s another hangover when you’ve been hungover before. If you’re feeling that way this morning, then this song is your anthem. Play it loud. Sing along. And what the hell. Raise your glass and drink some hair of the dog in a toast to Friday. Have a good weekend and be safe.

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A Toast to Friday: The Matadors

It’s Friday (and how many times have you heard that already in the office…probably with far too many exclamation points) again and you know what that means. It’s time for our newest tradition of getting you in the mood for the weekend with a drinking song. After all, you watch the clock all day wondering when you can chase away thoughts of the cubicle farm with the beverage of your choice.

Check out this and many other albums by The Matadors on Bandcamp

Check out this and many other albums by The Matadors on Bandcamp

This week’s selection is from the kings of horrorbilly The Matadors. It is called “9 Shots of Bourbon”. Now, I am certainly not advocating that anyone do nine shots of bourbon (unless you, like the narrator, have made a deal with the devil and you have no choice), but let’s face it. Nothing says weekend mode like nine shots of anything. Of course, if you did take nine shots of bourbon to start your weekend, you probably wouldn’t remember the beginning (at least) of your weekend. As for the song itself, it is a furious six minutes of pure psychobilly energy and goodness. Just give this song a listen.

If you like this song, you are in luck. The Matadors have posted 10 different items (mostly albums) to Bandcamp this year. You’re bound to find lots of other stuff you like from this band. No matter how you make it a good one, but more than that, be safe. If you do decide to drink nine shots of bourbon, make sure you have a driver. Now everybody get your glass up and let’s have a toast to the end of another work week. Skol!

A Toast to Friday: The Revelers

Beverages and good jukebox songs: the perfect beginning to the weekend

Beverages and good jukebox songs: the perfect beginning to the weekend

I know that you’re expecting Funk Friday, loyal reader. Don’t worry. You haven’t seen the last of it. I’m still trying to catch up after my week of vacation. While I don’t have a Funk Friday selection for you, I have a tremendous drinking song to get you ready for the weekend.

So there you are – sitting in your cubicle. You’re looking at your watch (or phone, or computer) every couple minutes and it seems like quitting time is never going to come. You’re thinking as much about your work as that skinny girl (you know, the one who eats three grapes for lunch) from accounting is thinking about eating a foot-long Elvis sandwich. What you’re really thinking about is going to your local watering hole where all you’re concerned about is having a nice beverage (or seven) and hearing some good music on the jukebox.

Does that sound like every Friday you’ve ever experienced at the office? Well, The Revelers have the song for you. In the first 30 seconds of the song, the vocalists mentions:

  • finding a bar
  • drinking until the sun comes up
  • spending his money on jukebox songs and
  • dancing the night away.

Oh, and all of that is to an infectious zydeco melody…which is great for dancing the night away. (Click the picture to hear the entire album.)

That is not only the cure for a crummy day at work, but it’s also a pretty good beginning to the weekend. It sure beats the stuffing out of sitting in your cubicle until 4:00 (or whatever time you leave). And so, on this Friday, let’s have a toast. To finding a bar, enjoying a beverage, and playing some excellent tunes on the jukebox!

Have a great weekend, loyal reader.


A Toast to Friday with Folk Hogan

We’re going to try something different here at Incognito HQ. You’re finishing up your work week and you’re ready to forget all about the office and all the crummy things you have to do. What better way to forget all that stuff than with a drinking song? That’s right. Every week, we’re going to introduce a drinking song to get you into proper weekend mode. We’re going to kick this off with a band from Salt Lake City (yes, a band from Salt Lake City doing songs about drinking). This is the perfect song for a Friday because most bars become a march of drunkards after 5:00 on a Friday. And so, without further ado, let’s get this weekend started with Folk Hogan.