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Loud, fast punk rock from Basel Switzerland

Incognito pick of the week: Bitch Queens

Well, it’s Wednesday and here at Incognito that means it’s time for our pick of the week. This is where we highlight some new music from any genre and anywhere.

I didn’t go out searching for Bitch Queens. An email was sent to me about this punk band from Basel, Switzerland. Before I get to the music, I have to tell you that I make an honest effort to listen to every submission I receive here at Incognito.

After receiving the message, I checked out the band’s songs on Soundcloud. And I’m glad I did. This band plays some seriously loud punk rock and these guys can shred on the guitar. Just listen to that work toward the end of “Gimme a Kiss.”

“Woe Is Me” is a song with the classic theme of forgetting what you did the previous evening. The guitar in this song carries not only a furious sound, but also a furious energy. Of course the other musicians don’t exactly lack in the energy or volume departments either.

Check out the tunes and video for yourself. If you like good old-fashioned punk rock, you will dig Bitch Queens. I do, and I hope to hear more from this band.


Incognito pick of the week: Stephanie Kong

I know this is a lot different than the music we normally cover here at Incognito HQ, but the fact that we are featuring Steph (aka Steph the Lyricist) is proof what a good intro can do. This young lady introduced herself to us in an e-mail explaining that she recently graduated high school. Let’s face it: high school can be a rough time for lots of people, and Steph knows that as well as anyone.

Without broadcasting her entire email to you, allow me to say that Steph’s goal – with her music and in general – is to help people that are dealing with suicidal thoughts. That noble goal is what leads me to feature her here today. Sometimes you just have to go beyond the ordinary to present a bigger picture of things that are more important than music. After all, if we do nothing to help people in whatever way, then we are abject failures as failures as human beings. And let’s face it: music can be a powerful tooI, particularly for lifting the spirits of people. I don’t feel like I need to say anything more. I will just invite you to listen to Steph’s song “Her” (it’s a beautiful song) and to let her know that you support what she’s doing.



Incognito pick of the week: A Day As Wolves

I’ve had some pretty good success recently searching the term fuzz rock on Bandcamp. that streak continued when I found A Day As Wolves from Calgary. Yeah, so it’s only three songs, but it’s good stuff. This certainly fits the fuzz rock category, but it also has a classic-rock sound to it. “Killing Time” reminds me a lot of Cream. No, I’m not kidding. It’s a mixture of fuzz, blues, and psychedelia that will get you grooving.

“Broken Heart City” is more of the same. If anything, it’s more psychedelic than “Killing Time” – and possibly more fuzzy. This tune also has a bass line that you’ll feel rumbling in your gut.

The self-titled EP from A Day As Wolves is available now on Bandcamp. If you like classic fuzz rock, this band will fit right into your collection.

Soulful, bluesy rock n roll

Incognito pick of the week: Alcatraz Shakedown

Bands, I want this post to be a lesson to you. Alcatraz Shakedown found and followed me on Twitter. Since I am always on the lookout for new bands, I decided to check this one out. Before I heard any of the music, I saw the bio on Twitter where the band claims influences from Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc. Then I heard the music. I’m not going to say that Alcatraz Shakedown is wrong in saying they were influenced by Led Zeppelin. After all, this is a rock band with some sounds steeped in the blues. I will say this though: Alcatraz Shakedown provides a sonic slap to the earhole that I’ve never gotten from Zeppelin.

The first song I heard from this band is “The Sound.” This song opens with a fat, fuzzy, bluesy guitar riff that really grabs my attention. It definitely feels like a classic rock song, and I’ll tell you this: if you heard it on your classic rock radio station, you’d probably wait around to hear who it is.

Speaking of guitar riffs that catch my attention – the guitar (especially at the beginning) in “One Shot, One Chaser” sounds pretty similar to Left Lane Cruiser. Meanwhile, the drummer pounds out a rapid-fire rhythm and the bassist lays down a heavy groove that really ties the song together.

I could sit here and continue to explain what is so great about this band, but frankly, I think you’d do better to give it a listen for yourself. Go to ReverbNation, and check this band out. It will probably get you to crank your volume and pump your fist while you rock out.

Oh, and reach out to us here at Incognito. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or right here at Incognito HQ. We’re always looking out for new bands, and we like to reward the bands that reach out to us…when we dig their style. So drop us a line, and maybe you’ll be our pick of the week in the near future.


Incognito pick of the week: BEAST!

It’s not surprising to hear that a hard rock or metal band is from Sweden. In fact, that just might be the least surprising thing you’ll read all day (aside from the daily update of Miley Cyrus’s “outrageous” behavior). While it’s not surprising, the band sure is good.

Yesterday, I wrote about an album that was like a slap to your earhole. This one is too. The album begins with “Save Me.” The best way I can describe this is groove rock with tough-chick vocals. Just imagine if Ann Wilson (70s Ann Wilson of course) sang vocals with Motorhead playing behind her. No, I’m not kidding. It’s like that. In fact, the entire album is like that.

If you’re someone who doesn’t profess to be a fan of metal, fear not. This album actually tends more toward heavy-duty rock n roll (sometimes played at the musical equivalent of ludicrous speed), than metal. Sure, it will get you bangin’ your head, but just listen to the bass line in “Outracin’ Hell” and tell me that’s not groove rock. This is rock n roll as it’s meant to be: loud, fast, and reckless. Do yourself a favor. Get this album, and turn it up as loud as you can stand it. If the neighbors don’t like it, well, just remember what Mojo Nixon once said, “I don’t care what the neighbors think. They got the highfalutin stink!” This album is all the rebuttal you need or those folks who say rock is dead.


Incognito pick of the week: Moonshine Millionaires

Bear with me for a moment, loyal reader. I know I mention my four-year-old son frequently when I write here. That is because he is often the first person I share new music with. No, I’m not kidding. He is a total sound hound, and he just devours music. He was with me when I picked up the Moonshine Millionaires EP from my PO box (sent to me by a former member of The Earps). Consequently, he wanted to hear it as soon as we got home (since the CD player in my car doesn’t work). Well, he took an immediate liking to it…to the point that he played it several times over the course of an entire weekend. I should note that he doesn’t like everything, so the fact that he played it as much as he did tells me he really found something in it.

And rightly so. This is good roots rock that brings two bands to mind: Georgia Satellites, and The Hideaways. The songs are pretty simple, but they showcase the skills (including songwriting) of the guys in the band. The title track in particular is the kind of song that makes you want to ask someone to slow-dance around a dark, beer-soaked barroom. The organ and the guitar give the band a sort of 70s southern rock sound. If you like old southern rock, check out Moonshine Millionaires.


Incognito pick of the week: The Wife Beaters

I know it’s been a while since I posted. I was on vacation, and then…blah blah blah. You don’t want excuses. You want music to rock that pretty little head of yours. Well, loyal reader, you are in luck. Now, if the name The Wife Beaters sounds familiar, then you certainly are a loyal reader. We featured this band (after an excellent introduction) on a Trashy Tuesday some months ago.

Before I get to writing about the music, allow me to say that the new album from The Wife Beaters also came with a good introduction that went like this, “Hey! We just woke up from a cactus-induced coma and released a new album…The Beat Goes On!”

I’ll tell you one thing: that cactus-induced coma produced some songs that are right up our alley here at Incognito HQ. Before even hearing a note of this album, I was hooked by song titles like “Scumbag Blues” and “Sleazy Places.” I’ll be honest. Part of me wants to make The Wife Beaters the house band at Incognito HQ.

So, what can you expect from the new album? More of the trashy sound you heard on the previous album. These boys are not afraid to make their sound down and dirty…and loud. To sum up this album, this song starts with a song about drag racing, and ends with a song about burgers. Seriously, what’s not to like about that? If that weren’t enough, you get some excellent trashy guitar sounds and some gut-rumbling bass. I could sit here and describe the album to you, but As always I invite you to judge for yourself. Just do yourself a favor and crank the volume on whatever you’re using to listen to these 17 tracks of wonderfully trashy goodness. And hey, if you feel like you need to go into a cactus-induced coma after listening to this, we’re not here to judge.



Incognito pick of the week: Chasing Mars

It’s a new world for musicians. They no longer need a label to put out their music. But beyond that, bands have to come up with new ways to market their music. Chasing Mars has come up with an ingenious idea for a good cause. For one week only, the band is offering t-shirt singles. Sounds unusual, right? Well, it is. The concept is simple. You buy one of the band’s t-shirts, and on that shirt is a code to download the band’s new single “Take You for Granted.” Which is cool for you, because now you’ve got a new shirt and a new song. However, it’s also good for the Ronald McDonald House, where all of the proceeds of the t-shirt sales will go.

If you’ve read this blog even once, you know we are all about supporting indie bands. In this case, you get to do more than that and support a good cause in the process. Everybody wins.


Incognito pick of the week: Borracho

Oculus is available now for download on Bandcamp (vinyl in November)

Oculus is available now for download on Bandcamp (vinyl in November)

Yes, I know, loyal reader. It’s supposed to be Funk Friday. Or maybe even Feel Good Friday. And here you see the pick of the week, which normally appears on Wednesday. Here’s what I can tell you. A wiser feller than myself once said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I’ve planned to write about Borracho for at least three weeks, but let’s just say a whole lot of life happened. So, anyway…I do apologize for not delivering Funk or Feel Good Friday, but I think you’ll find this band worthwhile.

As I was randomly searching Bandcamp for fuzz rock (one of my biggest areas of exploration this year) one day, I came across this band. And you know something? These guys deliver the goods. LEt’s face it. One of the great things about fuzz rock (or stoner rock, or whatever you call it) is big, meaty guitar riffs. Well, you’ll certainly get your fill of those on this album. It doesn’t just sound like it was recorded in the 70s, it’s also formatted like a 70s rock LP with four songs longer than seven minutes long. I can see turning this over after the first two songs and playing Side 2 after enjoying the two songs on Side 1. All of the songs are a good example of the 70s sound, but “Know the Score” really grabs my attention with its wonderfully low, fuzzed-out sound. Just have a listen for yourself. And don’t miss the guitar solo in “Stockpile.”

If you’re a fan of Clutch, or anything on Small Stone Records, I have no doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy this album and the other offerings Borracho has available on Bandcamp. Do yourself a favor. Get this album, put it on, crank the volume, and share it with your neighbors. Who knows? This could be the new favorite band for everyone in your neighborhood.

Incognito pick of the week: Deadseconds

Deadseconds: Classify it how you like, but this band rocks.

Deadseconds: Classify it how you like, but this band rocks.

I found Deadseconds (@DeadSeconds) when this band from British Columbia followed me. Since I am always on the lookout for new stuff, I decided to check this band out. Now, it should be said that I’ve only heard one song (and a demo at that) by this band, but it is a good one.

It begins with some a wicked drum part. Then the guitar comes in, and it is just what we like in a guitar sound: loud and fast. It’s kind of hard to describe this song. It straddles classic rock, punk, and even metal (mostly in the guitar). However you want to classify it, the song rocks pretty hard. This is always welcome here at Incognito HQ where we never need to hear the likes of Maroon 5 again.

I will say that this song has piqued my curiosity. I would very much like to hear more from this band based on “Mr. Insanity.”