Feel-Good Friday: The Pepper Pots

If you’ve ever read this blog at all, you know that I am a sucker for funk and soul. Needless to say, I didn’t need any convincing to give The Pepper Pots a listen. In listening to this album, I was particularly smitten with “You’ve Got the Future.” It is a great song in general, but it is especially good for Feel-Good Friday.

This song has the kind of message that you frequently hear in inspirational quotes: namely that the only person who holds your future is you. Of course what sets this apart from some inspirational quote is that it is set to a soulful melody that will get your toes tapping. But in the midst of that catchy tune is a message that encourages you to start your future now. Indeed. That is advice we would all do well to follow. Enjoy your Feel-Good Friday, everyone, and heed the wisdom of The Pepper Pots.

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