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‘Billy Monday: Knocksville

Recently, we’ve had some good luck with new followers on Twitter. It almost seems that bands are doing a little homework and following us because they have seen what we do and they fit the profile.

Knocksville is a band that certainly fits the profile of bands we like, and it only took about three seconds for me to figure it out. I went to ReverbNation, and the first song I heard from this band was “Wait and See.” This song begins with a guitar riff that would make John Lee Hooker and Billy Gibbons proud. The rhythm section provides a boogie groove that would definitely get people moving on a dance floor.

Since this is ‘Billy Monday, this obviously is not just a blues-rock band. This band some pretty serious rockabilly and psychobilly influence too. Think Reverend Horton Heat…only trashier. The rockabilly sound is especially apparent in “Work It Out” and “Baby Stop.” When you hear “Baby Stop,” it’s pretty easy to imagine a scene of guys with pompadours swing dancing with beautiful rockabetties in dresses. The psychobilly sound really comes through in “Forever Young,” a song that reminds me quite a bit of Tiger Army.

If you’re a regular reader of our ‘Billy Monday posts, Knocksville is a band you should check out. It will sound great as you drive around in your primer-gray El Camino.

And bands out, use Knocksville as an example. Follow us on Twitter (@incognitomag). We may just like your stuff as much as we like Knocksville, which means that you could be featured here sometime in the near future.

Funk Friday: The Impellers

Get ready to get sweaty

Here at Incognito HQ, we like to talk about music “that’ll knock you out of your full lotus” (a phrase we borrow from the excellent live album Mayhem Aforethought by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys). Well, loyal reader, I am happy to tell you that This Is Not a Drill by The Impellers is one of those albums that’ll knock you out of your full lotus.

Let’s just catalog the ways this band won us over. It is

  1. a 10-piece funk band with some
  2. Latin flavor
  3. a tremendously soulful female lead singer
  4. that makes us move even if we’re sitting in office chairs
  5. and makes us think with songs like “Politiks Kills People”.

And frankly, it was one of those songs with Latin flavor that got us moving in our office chairs. Great googily moogily! I have no idea how you could sit still when you listen to this song. Just listen to those horns and try to keep yourself still. Oh, and in the following song, you hear a count-off like James Brown…but in Spanish. Es muy bueno. Do yourself a favor, loyal reader. Go and get this album. I’m willing to bet it will be in your heavy rotation for a while.